AVS stock a number of nutritional and husbandry items for your birds.

Please Email or call the practice to place an order.


Vitahawk Maintenance 100g £17.50
Maintenance 300g £35.00
Breeder 100g £18.90
Breeder 300g £38.00
Jess Grease £10.80


 Vetark Products Avimix 50g £7.08
Avipro Plus 100g £9.68
Nutrobal 100g £7.76
Zolcal-D 120ml £9.61
 F10 Products F10SC 100ml £13.58
Barrier Ointment 25g £8.65
Barrier Ointment 100g £15.36


 Harrison’s Bird foods High Potency Coarse 1lb £10.00
High Potency Coarse 5lb £36.60
High Potency Fine 1lb £10.00
Power Treats £10.50