A Happier Hobby

HobbyThis stunning recently fledged wild hobby was rushed in to AVS after being rescued by falconer and raptor rehabilitator Phil Ashley.
The bird had been tangled up in a wire fence and sustained a soft tissue injury to the underside of its wing.
Thankfully although extremely bruised there were no fractures evident and due to the quick action of all involved hopefully no permanent harm done. Following cleaning up of the wound (using a falconry hood to keep the bird calm; ‘hoodwinking’ it into thinking it was night-time!), some topical and systemic pain relief/anti-inflammatories and fluid therapy Mike Price, who had transported the injured bird to us, delivered it back to Phil for a short spell in a rehabilitation aviary for some good food and rest to get her built up and ready for her long first migration to Africa!!
We are pleased to report that the bird was successfully released.hobby 2
A Happier Hobby
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