AVS hosts internationally renowned raptor vet and conservationist

June 9, 2016

Pat & AnnieAt the end of May we were honoured to welcome founder of the world renowned University of Minnesota Raptor Center, who was also Richard’s mentor and Professor during his avian training, Professor Pat Redig and his wife Annie.

As well as a visit to the clinic, which we were very proud to show them round, having been heavily involved in the restoration of the peregrine falcon in the Mid-West USA after its extinction due to DDT, Pat was extremely excited to be shown a wild British pair feeding young at Beeston Castle, a traditional site that has probably been in use for hundreds if not thousands of years!

Even though we are in regular contact for case discussion (and to compare falconry notes!) it was so nice to see the ‘Boss’ again and for him to be so complementary about the practice………let’s hope it’s not another 15 years before we meet up again!