Roosty Rules!!

Once again a pet chicken has proved that they are one of the toughest creatures on the planet!!

Roosty 03When ‘Roosty’ was rushed into AVS late one night after being attacked by a dog I have to say we didn’t think she would survive. She was extremely shocked and collapsed with multiple severe bite wounds all over her body; the worst of which had ripped open her neck, exposing her crop, windpipe and jugular vein.  Roosty 01

She was immediately resuscitated with intravenous fluids, pain killers and antibiotics then placed in an incubator in order to try and restore her body temperature.  Roosty 02

She was clearly in no fit state for an anaesthetic, but thankfully with the sedative effects of the potent pain killers we were soon able to gently clean up her injuries and address the large gaping wound using surgical staples, which had worked very well for neck wound in ‘Staples’ the chicken whose story was featured last year.  Amazingly with careful nursing and TLC, by the following morning she was up and about demanding her breakfast!!

The following evening the owners were delighted to pick up a now very animated Roosty who only the night before was lying cold and motionless in their arms. Over the next week they continued to bathe Roosty’s wounds and administer her medication at home and when her staples were removed 2 weeks later she was clearly back to her normal feisty self and you would never know the ordeal she had been through……… is official; chickens are indeed hard as nails!!Roosty 07Roosty before & after

Roosty Rules!!
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